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      Gymway Fractional Plates KG/LB

      *SOLD IN PAIRS* 

      Gymway Fractional Plates are manufactured with premium grade carbon steel. Unlike other fractional plates on the market, we bypass the casting process and instead we use our state-of-the-art CNC machine to craft these plates.  Furthermore, we use a special triple chrome coating process to provide corrosion resistance. Gymway Fractional Plates has featured in competitions due to its tight tolerance and aesthetically pleasing look.

      Full Set Version A: 0.5KG, 1KG, 1.25KG, 1.5KG, 2KG, 2.5KG, 5KG

      Full Set Version B: 1KG, 1.5KG, 2KG 2.5KG, 5KG

      Full Set LB: 2.5LB, 5LB, 10LB

      LB Limited edition: 60 sets total

      *Please note that there could be small marks/discoloring around the center hole due to the chrome coating process which requires a hanger to secure the plate at the center.

      What is a CNC machine?

      CNC machine is a sophisticated equipment designed to produce medical, aerospace parts, and other products that require precision manufacturing. We use this machine to make our fractional plates. Result? A thin, durable, and aesthetic chrome plated solid steel fractional plate with tight tolerance.

      One of a kind

      Our change plates are one-piece solid carbon steel with no screw or nut. The raw material (solid carbon steel) are hand-polished by our machinist before the CNC process. We then manually engrave the finished plates with minimalist design before triple chrome coating. Because the entire process requires extensive time and labor, we only offer limited quantity each year.


      Material : Carbon Steel

      Color: Chrome

      Diameter: 1kg: 6.25", 1.5kg: 7", 2kg: 7.375", 2.5kg: 8.125", 5kg: 9.75"

      Thickness: 1kg: 8mm, 1.5kg: 10mm, 2kg: 12mm, 2.5kg: 12mm, 5kg: 15mm

      Center hub diameter: 50.4mm