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      Who is Gymway

      Gymway Barbell Industrial Co., Ltd is a family-owned professional free-weight manufacturer based in Taiwan. Since 1981, our innovation-driven mindset has allowed us to receive multiple design and structural patents as well as invention awards worldwide. We are one of the few manufacturers with over a decade of experience specializing in barbell design and production. Our manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified, ISO is world's most widely recognized quality management standard. 

      We produce weightlifting equipment on behalf of fitness brands in many countries, including the U.S, Japan, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Russia, and South Africa.

      Any competition experience

      Yes, our products have been featured in many local and regional competitions.

      Gymway recent notable events:

      Arizona Master State Weightlifting Championship (USA) 2021

      RSA Coastal Weightlifting Championships (South Africa) 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

      RSA Western Province Senior Weightlifting Championships (South Africa) 2019 

      What to look for when buying a barbell

      There are several important factors to consider including steel material, tensile and yield strength, sleeve construction, coating, and more...

      Steel selection: Gymway has been sourcing from one of the most reputable Taiwanese steel mills for decades. We insist on using Chromium Molybdenum alloy steel for our main barbell product line. This particular alloy steel has great tensile strength and provides extra corrosion resistance. Such steel is typically used in a wide variety of industries, including energy, automotive, construction, heavy equipment, and more. Over the years, the cost of steel has gone up significantly, but we've never switched to another steel mill or used cheaper steel (such as spring steel). We believe consistency is the key to outstanding quality.

      Tensile strength: How much a barbell can hold before it breaks.

      Yield strength: How much a barbell can be loaded until it becomes deformed (permanently bent).

      With decades of manufacturing experience, Gymway has determined the ideal tensile strength for the barbell to be around 210,000 psi. At this level, we can produce quality barbells. Any barbell with tensile strength under 180,000 psi needs to be used only for lightweight technique practice and without dropping because it has a much greater risk of deforming. Our tensile strength and yield strength numbers are verified by an independent lab (see report below).

      Sleeve construction: Gymway's barbell sleeve construction received multiple patents in the U.S. and worldwide. With decades of research and development, we abandoned the traditional snap ring approach and invented a brand new sleeve construction. The new patented design enables the sleeve to have a much smoother spin, tougher structure, and better reliability. With this unique upgrade, our bar can be slammed vertically without deforming or jamming the sleeve (under our testing environment), unlike the traditional snap ring system bar.

      Copper Bushing: Best for Powerlifting, general training, heavy and slow lifts. Our unique self-lubricating bushing system allows the barbell to spin smoothly.

      Needle Bearing: Best for Olympic weightlifting and high-level Crossfit style workout. The Gymway patented needle bearing system spins fast, but also in a controllable manner. A bearing system that spins too fast or non-stop could negatively alter the balance of a lifter, especially during Olympic weightlifting. We consulted with many world-class athletes and spent decades on R&D to fine-tune our needle bearing system. Result? One of the best-in-class competition weightlifting barbells that has featured in many international competitions.

      Shaft Coating: Currently we have two options available: Chrome and Black Oxide.

      Chrome: Standard finish, exceptional against rust and corrosion. Recommended for Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting, and competitive athletes.

      Black Oxide: Matte black color, better grip and feel, little anti-rust protection, thin layer of coating which scratches easily . Recommended for Crossfit, Powerlifting, and high-intensity workout.

      Shaft Diameter: 

      25mm: Women's Bar

      28mm: Good whip. Best for Olympic weightlifting.

      28.5mm: Moderate whip. Best for general training and Crossfit workout.

      29mm: Stiffer shaft. Best for Powerlifter, slow and heavy training.

      Outer Knurl Depth

      0.25: Standard

      0.3: Standard +

      0.5: Deep

      **Note** The current barbell market is flooded with questionable products. For example, 220,000 psi tensile strength or stainless steel barbells for sale under $260 (or at a ridiculously low price)From our manufacturer's perspective, it's unlikely to produce a good barbell at such a price point. Simply ask these two questions when shopping for a barbell: Are the numbers verified by an independent lab? What steel do they use and is it verifiable? 

      This metallurgical analysis was conducted by the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre - MIRDC, an official government agency of Taiwan

      Customer feedback

      Ivanko Barbell Company, one of the most well-known free-weight manufacturers in the U.S. Here's what they had to say after testing our barbell:

      Do you offer barbell customization?

      Yes, we manufacture a wide range of products including barbells, bumper plates, triceps rope, and more. Private labeling is available. Email us at A minimum quantity is required.

      We provide OEM service for many fitness brands, schools, and private organizations around the world. 

      How to maintain a barbell

      Regular maintenance is very important. If neglected, your bar will rust, especially in a humid environment. If need be, first use a plastic bristle brush to clean out the chalk. Wipe down the bar with 3-in-1 oil or WD-40 once every few weeks. Apply a few drops of silicone free lubricant to the bushing or bearing's inner sleeve periodically to maintain a smooth, reliable spin. DO NOT use water to clean the bar.

      Use a horizontal rack for storage. Re-rack the weight(s) after each use.

      Use UHMW to protect your J-cup. Metal to metal grinding could damage the shaft coating and knurling.

      **Note**  Even stainless steel can corrode if not maintained properly.

      Further questions

      Feel free to contact us at or on Instagram at gymway.usa

      We respond within 48 hours.

      Return and Warranty