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      Gymway Weightlifting Elite Barbell

      $25 Flat Rate Shipping (Continental U.S only)  

      The Gymway Weightlifting Elite Barbell is designed for weightlifting enthusiasts. We follow the IWF specifications with total precision and construct this barbell with premium alloy steel. Featuring lab-verified 216,200 psi tensile strength and our patented bushing sleeve system*. We specifically tune up the spin of this barbell for Olympic lifting.  If you are looking for a barbell with fast spin, good whip, and excellent quality, this is the barbell you can rely on. Multiple knurling options are available.

      *We offer two different outer knurl levels for this barbell, standard + (0.25) and standard + (0.3). 

      The Barbell comes with light coating of oil for protection and may require 1-2 weeks of use before sleeves rotate at full potential.

      *Granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office 




      • Tensile strength: 216,200 psi

      • Yield strength: 206,900 psi

      • Rotation system: Gunmetal Bushing

      • Shaft material: Alloy Steel

      • Overall length: 220cm

      • Total weight: 20kg

      • Shaft diameter: 28mm

      • Sleeve diameter: Ø50mm

      • Knurl pattern: IWF

      • Knurl Feel: 0.25 (Standard)

      • Shaft coating: Chrome, Black oxide, Manganese phosphate

      • Sleeve coating: Chrome

      • Capacity: 1,500lbs

      • Inspection: Magnetic Particle Machine (MPI)

      • Private labeling is available