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      Gymway Cross Training Barbell 2.0

      $25 Flat Rate Shipping (Continental U.S only)  

      The Gymway Cross Training Barbell 2.0  is built for high-intensity and general training. This multi-purpose barbell is constructed with lab-verified 216,200 psi tensile strength premium alloy steel and equipped with our patented bushing sleeve system*. Featuring a 28.5mm shaft with IWF+IPF dual knurl marks. Three coating options are available.

      The Barbell comes with light coating of oil for protection and may require 1-2 weeks of use before sleeves rotate at full potential.

      *Granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office 




      • Tensile strength: 216,200 psi

      • Yield strength: 206,900 psi

      • Rotation system: Gunmetal bushing

      • Shaft material: Alloy Steel

      • Overall length: 220cm

      • Total weight: 20kg

      • Shaft diameter: 28.5mm

      • Sleeve diameter: Ø50mm

      • Knurl pattern: IWF+IPF

      • Knurl Feel: 0.25 (Standard)

      • No center knurl

      • Shaft coating: Chrome, Black oxide, Manganese phosphate

      • Sleeve coating: Chrome

      • Capacity: 1,500lbs

      • Inspection: Magnetic Particle Machine (MPI)

      • Private labeling is available