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      Closeout and Blemished Barbells

      $25 Flat Rate Shipping (Continental U.S only)  

      Closeout and Blemished Barbells. We are unloading a few blemished new and sample used bars. They are guaranteed to arrive fully functional but may contain minor cosmetic blemishes such as double tracked knurl, small scratches, and coating inconsistencies. All sample used and blemished barbells are sold under cost, we do not make profits on this sale. For more information please refer to the list below or feel free to contact us.

      All sales are final (no returns/exchanges) and there is no warranty coverage.

      *Granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office 



      *Condition Status* 

      Gymway Powerlifting Competition Barbell (Chrome)- 1. End cap area with dings 2. Small scratches 3. Double tracked knurling

      Gymway Weightlifting Elite Barbell (Chrome)- 1. Rough coating/sand blasting issue 2. Logo Problem

      Gymway Crosstraining 2.0 Barbell (Black Oxide) 1. Small scratches 2. Logo problem

      Gymway Crosstraining 2.0 Barbell (Manganese Phosphate) 1. Small scratches

      *Please note that the issues listed above are generalized. Not every barbell has the same issue.

      *Please maintain the barbell regularly to avoid rust, especially if the barbell has scratches or used in a humid environment, Visible rust on any bar shaft must be removed immediately, preferably with 3-in-1 oil and bronze bristle brush.